little dancer

This is one of the cutest thing I have ever seen. I so want to do a picture like this with one of the little girls at the studio at some point!

C'est un chausson de danse mais il est magnifique

It's Shoe Time: See the Best Pairs From the Fall '13 Runways

I'm gonna have photos like this posted in ,my babygirl's nursery/bedroom! I want so badly for her to be a ballerina! Crystal-encrusted ballet slippers from Clover Canyon Fall 2013

tenue de danse moderne, ballerine

La tenue de danse moderne en 58 photos

* I wish to be a point, an essential landmark, a light brightening your steps on your road to give you confidence and lead you to success.

noire avec dentelle

La tenue de danse moderne en 58 photos

« Edifice » est une vidéo réalisée par Rogerio Silva qui a voulu illustrer le couple à travers une chorégraphie explorant et alliant la danse latine et le contact improvisation. Musique d’Alaskan Tapes – « Then Suddenly, Everything Changed ». Danseurs Carmine De Amicis et Harriet Waghorn

edifice from Rogerio Silva PLUS 4 months ago ALL AUDIENCES Edifice is about relationships built very much like a house. Isolated forms bend, flow and connect to create a unified mass. A structure that shelters and nurtures those within.