Japanese Traditional Clothing

In Love With Traditional Japanese Clothing? You're Not Alone

Japanese traditional clothing explained in detail! For both girls and boys.:) I want to buy a full kimono outfit. Have to go to Japan first, I think because they're too expensive and rare in America.

Use pumpkins to teach geography...how cool! This would be so fun for Halloween!

Week Geography: Make Pumpkin Globes! - Tape down the continents and paint the pumpkin blue. The next day, remove the continents and color them in green with marker. Put two rubber bands around the pumpkin to represent the equator and voila, Pumpkin Globe!

Atelier des continents. Tableau et pièces de feutrine + étiquettes-noms des continents.

Montessori Continent Map Work

Do with the states and countries since e already knows continents.) Montessori continents map-made out of felt and placed on a felt board!

La Chine - Dix mois

La Chine - Dix mois It's in French but his website has a great pdf that could be translated easily enough and applied to make learning fun!

Felt World

10 Great Decor Ideas For Globe-Trotting Tots

World Missions DIY-Felt-Globe - check this link also for ideas on neighborhood maps (US Missions) and other cute travel craft ideas

Make boxes of continents for children to explore.

First grade Social studies idea- These are continents in a box. I love the idea that children can explore the continent (looking through pictures of places, animals, people, etc). Possible center?

Creuser pour trouver des artefacts égyptiens et les associer à la bonne image.

Montessori Monday: Montessori-Inspired Continent Activities Using Replicas - Africa

Les pays visités par le loup qui voulait faire le tour du monde

Les pays visités par le loup qui voulait faire le tour du monde