dancing. So sweet

I wish I could go back to Africa and see the children dance again. Just the site of the children dancing warms your heart :)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Dance at Bougival - Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Reminds me of a Gilmore Girls episode.

Children watching mom and dad dancing, 1950s.

Children watching mom and dad dancing photographer Susan Szasz - dancing in the kitchen! Aww this is so beautiful and so important! I remember lovingly watching my parents dance in the kitchen

Les Enfants


In this photo, a black child is holding the face of the white child. The photo shows how children aren't born racist, racism is influenced upon a person. This is an example of the fight against racism.

♔ Santango

Argentine tango "Dancing: The vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music.

Helen Levitt: New York City, 2 kids dancing, ca. 1940

History In Pictures ‏- Two little kids dancing on the streets of New York City, c. -Swear, little kids dancing is the best thing I ever see :)

andrejsljunggren.com  Hej Hej Kulturhuset Stadsteatern ateljé ANDREJS LJUNGGREN

Hej Hej Kulturhuset Stadsteatern / Melingo — Poster Hexachrome print on glossy paper for the evening surrounding Daniel Melingo at Kulturhuset / Stockholm Done as YMPA (With Iwa Herdensjö) Documentation below: