Lucie Brunellière

Lucie Brunellière's Vibrant Jungle with Over 50 Animals

Illustrator Lucie Brunellière produced this series of playful images for The Very Jungly Jungle Book. There are over 50 characters within them!

yellow raincoat

marr-tb: “pretty awful unless you’re inside and cozy …. or if you must be outside, it’s not too bad with some awesome people or by yourself on an introspective, rain-embracing or internally-sunny day.

Landscape Illustration by Jane Newland

Landscape Illustrations That'll Make You Say, "I Want to Go There"

Mark Conlan illustration

Mark Conlan's Work Invites You to Make Unexpected Discoveries

crescendo - Felicita Sala.

crescendo - Felicita Sala: how to add colour to black and white pictures - do the illustration in black and white but leave spaces for coloured pencil to be added later

Animal illustration by Sanae Sugimoto

Surreal Illustrations Created in Delicate Inks by Sanae Sugimoto

Sanae Sugimoto creates surreal illustrations inspired by Western literature. Larger than life animals, for instance, are done in rich and vibrant inks.

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