Water Spirit: mundo emocional, sentimientos, afectos, nutricion, contencion, utero, apego, origen, pertenencia

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Vintage Silver Yemanjá Mermaid Sea Deity by UpcomingLegendary, $372.00

Vintage Silver Yemanjá Mermaid Sea Deity Necklace

Vintage Silver Yemanjá Mermaid Sea Deity by UpcomingLegendary

Iya Yemaya {via www.mariagiulia-alemanno.com}

"Yemaya by Maria Giulia Alemanno Goddess of the Yuruba people, many of whom were shipped as slaves to US, Latin America, Dominican Republic - she is the Mother of All Life in their religion.


Yemaya is an Orisha or spirit of Santeria. She is one of the most powerful Orishas, being the mother of all living things and the ruler of the oceans. Many of the other Orishas are her children.


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Yemaya !

An Afro-Cuban dance teacher shows dance moves of sea goddess Yemaya in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Miami, Florida.