M. Hulot's Holiday (dir. Jacques Tati, 1953).

Les Vacances de M. Hulot

Jacques Tati – Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday A favorite French movie full of sight gags, irony and inimitable warmth and charm, not dissimilar to Robert Doisneau’s photographs.

© Jolly Film, Specta Films Jacques Tati, Playtime

Office cubicles in Jacques Tati’s ‘Playtime’, All sets designed by Tati himself.

Jacques Tati - Playtime

Traffic by Jacques Tati

My Uncle

"MON ONCLE" - Jacques Tati and Billy Kearns facing off in "Mon Oncle" (dir. Jacques Tati, If you haven't seen it you must get it, one of the funniest movies I've ever seen -

Jaques Tati, by Yale Joel

Yale Joel, Jacques Tati looking at the high ceiling of an office lobby, New York, October 1958