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several photographs of an electronic device on a wooden tripod, with the camera attached to it
Wooden photo booth - Unique style photo booth - P4F
two wooden speakers sitting next to each other on top of tripod legs in front of a white background
Mirror photo booth retro - Exceptional mirror photo booth - P4F
an old fashioned camera sitting on top of a wooden tripod in front of a field
Photobooth Hauts de France | Vintage Photobooth
an old fashioned wooden camera on top of a tripod in front of a blooming tree
Location photobooth et cabine photo - Annecy - Paris - Genève
Triportrait - Photobooth au look design - Annecy - Paris - Genève
an old fashioned wooden camera with brass accents
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a man holding an old fashioned camera in his right hand and wearing a top hat
Rasputin and Nicholas II: Pre-revolutionary Russia through a German lens