Coudre la garde pliée en deux elle aussi, pour faire le lien avec la couverture

Little Spines: yearly publication containing stories and poems from the Creative Writing students from RMIT. contemporary, stylish publication on a low budget, Japanese Stab binding.

Make Your Own Hardcover Books With This Easy DIY Project

DIY your Christmas gifts this year with GLAMULET. they are compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make Your Own Hardcover Books With This Easy DIY Project

Cahier graphique. de Louisa Boyd. Carte de Turquie. tirée de the Mapping Series. 2014

Cover - Best Cover Magazine - Cartography by Louisa Boyd, via Susan Angebranndt. Best Cover Magazine : – Picture : – Description Cartography by Louisa Boyd, via Susan Angebranndt -Read More –

pour une frise chronologique

Ephemera bookwork: woodcut, polymer relief, letterpress / 10 x 6 folded, opens to 10 x 42 in.

Carnets Papier Tigre #Edition #Collage

Les nouveaux carnets de Papier Tigre

I chose for this image to be in my book binding board because the way the book is bound together is very easy but in a way it still really goes along with the bright colors and patterns on the front of the book.

Glass Artist Book by Alexandra Keck, via Behance

What - This is a glass artist book within the silhouette of the continents. How - It seems to be that it has been carved in. Glass Artist Book by Alexandra Keck, via Behance

Livre aux formes découpées - source non vérifiable

"A Cloud" is a book by Katsumi Komagata. Depth and shadow is created through the use of multiple textured paper stocks that vary in shades of white. The layering of the cut out forms reflect the ever-changing formation and shape of clouds over a day.

Petits livres avec des choses a inserer, souvenirs ?....

Artists book by Natalie Stopka. Specimens: antique textiles, hand embroidery I like this artist booklet, it has a plastic pocket between the page, and there is a piece of nauture in the middle, i could put one of this pages in my artist book.

Jenny Smith: untitled - square (2006) artist book, laser cut and screen printed page size 16 x 16cm jenny

untitled - square , artist book by Jenny Smith. laser cut and screen printed artist, book page size 16 x 16 cm Gave me an idea for cutting entire sentences fro what I write.

Interesting idea

What an interesting project! Ask your School Librarian for damaged or discarded books!

eleanorhullock: ‘Cuts’ (2010) Japanese stab bind book. Paper, thread, ink.

Some artist decided to put together all of the things I love into one handmade book. Things like intricate patterns, cut paper, geometric shapes, Japanese stab binding and books with peekholes for grown-ups.