Camille Claudel. Petite châtelaine. Camille claudel réalisera plusieurs versions…

Victor Hugo ° Camille Claudel

For some reason this reminds me of Les Miserables. I think it is the same apprehensive, frightened, confused look of a child caught up in something he/she can not understand.

Camille Claudel, la petite châtelaine

Camille Claudel révélée, exporevue, magazine, art vivant et actualité

Camille Claudel - Sculpture

The Courtesan by Rodin (otherwise known as "She Who Once Was the Helmet Maker's Beautiful Wife." As Rodin said of his model, "If there is anything more beautiful than a beautiful thing, it is its ruin.

Camille Claudel - Buste de Paul Claudel à 13 ans

Buste de Paul Claudel à treize ans ou Jeune Achille by Camille Claudel