Expo Zone Moaistone et Réalisations Clients

Venez visiter notre zone Expo Découvrez les réalisations de nos clients : jardin zen, idées déco, aménagement de galets ou de roches,...
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two hands making a heart shape with the word up written on it in front of them
Next stop: Pinterest!
Next stop: Pinterest
there is a large rock with pandas painted on it in the grass next to some bushes
@Pairi Daiza : La Forêt Sacrée
a stone lantern sitting on top of a rock next to a small pond filled with water
two metal sculptures sitting on top of a rock covered ground next to a statue of a horse
a close up of a stone walkway with grass in the background
the wooden posts are lined up along the path
some orange flowers are growing on a grate
some rocks and plants are on the ground
an outdoor garden with rocks and water features