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a cake with white frosting and blueberries on it
Easy & Healthy No Bake Superfood Brownies������​������​
These No Bake Superfood Brownies by @helens_vegan_kitchen are sweet, delicious and totally refined sugar, gluten and dairy free ������​ ������Ingredients (makes 10-12) 1.5 cups mixed nuts 12 large, soft medjool dates, pitted 1/2 cup peanut (or almond) butter 3 tbsp raw cacao powder Pinch sea salt 1-2 tbsp water or maple syrup if you want them sweeter Topping ingredients: 4 tbsp melted coconut oil 4 tbsp raw cacoa powder 3 tbsp maple syrup Handful of nuts/seeds/fre #BestFoodsForWeightLoss
Baked Puff Pastry Apple Donuts😋😋
Cute cakes
GOLDEN TOFU BITES 🌱 by fitgreenmind RECIPE (3-4 servings, 15min prep time) -400g tofu Pat dry and tear in bite sized pieces. -2 Tbsp corn starch -1 Tsp salt Toss it. Fry in oil until crispy. Glaze: -4 Tbsp agave or maple syrup -juice of 1 small lemon -1 Tsp each paprika, ground coriander, cumin -1/2 Tsp each chili powder garlic powder -salt to taste -1-2 Tbsp water Mix and add to the tofu. Stir and fry for 2-3mins until nicely glazed.
a baking dish with carrots, onions and cream cheese on the table next to sliced oranges
Halloween treats. Pumpkin shaped buns
a cake with white frosting and blueberries on it
there is a pie with strawberries on it and blueberries in the shape of hearts
stylish food hack