Coudre la garde pliée en deux elle aussi, pour faire le lien avec la couverture

Little Spines: yearly publication containing stories and poems from the Creative Writing students from RMIT. contemporary, stylish publication on a low budget, Japanese Stab binding.

Reliure et pages

Beautiful use of colour, layout & craftmanship. 世界文化遗产专家五台山考察手册设计 -beautiful layout of type and image -interesting shape of book -looks both delicate and elegant

Bookbinding 101! #diy #books

DIY: Bookbinding tutorial on how to do the five hole pamphlet stitch. Share with Cadettes earning their Book Artist badge.

Make your own leather longstitch journal tutorial. I'm joining this site. So many tutorials to make your own books & the methodology is clearly shown in a series of photos. Great site. She also teaches how to produce Japanese marbled paper which is called Suminigashi.

Make your own long-stitch bound journal : a photo heavy tutorial via are you flowin'? by Chintomby Chintomby Harris