OSB Wood drawers with type would look great in a studio/store. (via Eduardo Souto de Moura Concursos)

Cube étagère OSB

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Bois de Rose Leopardo, Massimo Morozzi (Edra)

Tendance marqueterie

Boise de Rose, container with wooden frame finished with rosewood veneer inlay. Inside lacquered and aluminum feet, Massimo Morozzi, Edra

Style industriel & Minimalisme

Style industriel & Minimalisme

holy home library of vinyl...on the wall!

A great idea for those of us who share a household with a "music collector"! DIY this record shelf out of ply. Hide the bracket supports inside (covered by records) Mount against ply. Pre-sink reverse directed screws into each shelves 4 corners.

le lit

Ochre Barn by Carl Turner Architects

I'm thinking about building some new This OSD concept is a stunning inspiration, although I usually dislike OSD: ochre barn bedroom customized OSB furniture