Kids lunch

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how bout monsters for lunch?

Sandwich monster for when I have a kid to pack lunches for. can you say Halloween?

Fancy Frugal Life: Cute Kid Lunch Ideas

I've been practicing my lunch making skills today for back to school. My kids are pretty picky, but lately I've found that if it's served in a fun w

So cute and a healthy Kid's lunch

Veggie snack flower Mozarella, Tomatoes and green pepers or cucumber. Only a pic idea.

cute kids lunch idea

Owl sandwich with cucumber tree. So cute- and my kid would totally eat those things!

Cars lunch with Elmo!

Did you have great mother's day weekend? Weather was beautiful in past weekend and we enjoyed picnic at the central park. My son just started talking recently and his fa.

cute kids lunch idea:  Is this Phineas and Ferb? Either way, so cute!

For parents, sometimes getting your kids to eat healthy is no easy feat with moms and dads constantly trying to get creative with food. One way to do that is with this Phineas and Ferb lunch box. A sandwich with whole wheat bread, eyes made out of a hard

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