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Go zero waste with monbento! We create reusable bento boxes, bottles and other accessories to take your own lunch at work and be environmentally…
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an image of a lunch box with food in it and the words reuse to reduce waste
How to reduce food and packages waste?
Everytime you use or reuse your bento box 🍱❤️, less waste ends up in the trash can. How? By cooking your own meals 🧑‍🍳 and avoiding foods with individual packages. Choose your bento box
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Sustainable development: simple actions for the planet! monbento’s tips and tricks
Reusable and sustainable go hand in hand during the European Sustainable Development Week! For more than 10 years, monbento has been reinventing on-the-go meals and has been following you in your wildest adventures! This is your chance to take the plunge and adopt reusable products. 😉 Discover our tips and tricks on our blog!
a woman is holding a box with food on it near the ocean
European Sustainable Development Week
Nowadays, recycling makes it possible to process our waste! But this processing step is very energy-intensive, although it is beneficial! So why throwing away (and recycling) when you can actually reuse? For the European Sustainable Development Week, let’s adopt the right habits! First challenge: 0 disposable dishes for your lunches at the office! And to test your knowledge, we also prepared a short quiz in our story 😉⁠ ⁠ MB Original pink Flamingo available on your blog!