Klee l'eût crû ?

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an image of a painting on paper with watercolors
Paul Klee | Liegende Frau (1933) | MutualArt
Artwork by Paul Klee, Liegende Frau, Made of watercolour on paper laid down on the artist's mount 1933
an abstract painting with lines and shapes in the shape of a woman's face
Paul Klee - Portraits – Ce1 - Ce2 – Cm1 – Cm2 – Arts visuels – Cycle 3 - PDF à imprimer
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an abstract painting with various colors and shapes
a drawing of a woman with her legs spread out and hands behind her back, in front of a white background
Paul Klee | Présentation du Miracle (1916) | Artsy
Urchs de l’époque Héroïque
an image of a painting with a woman in it
Paul Klee
an abstract painting with blue and brown colors
Paul Klee (13)
Paul Klee - 1934 - The path of blue | obiter2 | Flickr
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and white colors in the background is a stylized design
The sirens of ships, 1917, by Paul Klee (1879-1940). Detail. | SuperStock
an abstract painting with many different colored shapes and people in the background, including one man
Au Centre Pompidou : Paul Klee, grand maître de l'ironie ?
an abstract painting with black and red flowers in the center, on a brown wooden frame
just another masterpiece
a drawing of some people and fish in the water
Unterwasser garten
an abstract painting with multiple colors and shapes on it's surface, including two people
Paul Klee | Sonnen Untergang (1937) | MutualArt