Elastic trousers...<3 Deniz <3

Calça baggy com elástico

Pillowcase Dress has measurements for several sizes. Good Information, although I prefer 2 side seams for balance and a double 3 inch hem. Thank you Michelle Genovese for the pin!!

Easy peasy, sewing instructions for a girls dress. entire tutorial on making a pillowcase dress. Best one I've seen so far! Also, the sleeve cutout template can be used to create simple sleeve openings and sleeves themselves.

Comment faire un HOOP JUPE ... une version non bancale, léger et peu coûteux. Parfait pour gonflant de longues robes et jupes! | Via Make It et l'aimer

DIY Hoop Skirt Tutorial from Make It & Love It. This is an extremely detailed tutorial and you can change the measurements easily to make this for people of all ages and sizes. The really cool thing about this hoop skirt is that the pex pipe tubing.