Really nice shop front - Paris Hair Salon. Photo by Catherine Mangosing

~ je t'aime

This saying is in French, and a typical association we have with France is fancy things, and this font is fancy and scripted for that reason. I like this font.

Merci Beaucoup stamp by Antiquaria

Merci Beaucoup Stamp

(Merci Beaucoup stamp by Antiquaria - found via Design Love Fest) - perfect print for house with my Frenchie husband


"Magnifique" - Foil-pressed Art Print by Marabou Design

Magnifique by Marabou Design – inspiration we love at CASSIE Beauty Spot

J'aime la langue française...<3

Togo's most common language is French. Their other common languages are Ewe…

je t'aime.

Je T'aime (I Love You) - 11 x 14 Archival Print

Je T'aime I Love You 11 x 14 Archival Print por LoveSugar en Etsy