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an old adobe building in the desert with mountains in the backgrouds and snow - capped peaks
Uyuni à Sajama en longeant la frontière chilienne - Mon séjour
Chullpas de Macaya
a woman in a colorful dress and hat holding a stick
Découverte du parc national de Sajama - Mon séjour
several tents pitched up on the side of a mountain
Montée au camp d'altitude du Sajama - Mon séjour
Camp d'altitude du Sajama
the top of a mountain is lit up at sunset
Sans ascension du Sajama - Mon séjour
two small animals sitting on top of a rock
Viscachas et Curahuara - Mon séjour
Viscaches du parc national de Sajama
a woman standing on the side of a mountain looking down at clouds in the sky
Camp d'altitude de l'Illimani - Mon séjour
Accès au camp d'altitude de l'Illimani
the top of a mountain covered in snow
Ascension de l'Illimani - Mon séjour
Ascension de l'emblématique Illimani
the mountains are very tall and rocky with no trees or bushes on them, but there is only one tree in the foreground
Canyon de palca - Mon séjour
Les falaises du canyon de Palca