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an advertisement for a table and chair with a child sitting at the table working on it
Des ribambelles sur un bureau Gascoin. - Ribambelles & Ribambins
Bureau 4 en 1 - Marcel Gascoin pour arhec - 1954
a wooden desk with several pieces of furniture around it
Vintage Furniture for Children
children’s din­ing set designed in Den­mark
two orange chairs sitting next to each other on a white surface
Desk and chair by Jean-Louis Avril
a desk with a laptop on it and a yellow chair next to it, in front of a white wall
Desk by by Marc Berthier, 1975
three small stools sitting next to each other on a white surface in front of a white background
Gerrit van Bakel ( 1943 -1984)
a table and two stools sitting next to each other
"CallBondo" childrens set -Bondo Gravesen - Denmark - 1960's
a red table with four chairs around it
artek- Alvar Aalto Children's Chair and table Finland, 1930s
a wooden chair with wheels on it
Nanna Ditzel Cradle - Kolds Savvaerk, Denmark - 1964
an old wooden toy cart painted with colorful houses and buildings on it's sides
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a red, white and black sign sitting on top of a metal stand next to a polka dot wall
vintage magazine holder
a desk and chair with a green table top on the bottom one has an orange seat
child chair - Ribambelles & Ribambins
Mobilier Scolaire Arne Jacobsen édité par Fritz Hansen - 1939
an old wooden table sitting on top of a white floor
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Jean Prouvé Kids Desk
a red and white basket sitting on top of a wooden wheelbarrow with wheels
Jean Prouve Cradle
cradle designed by Jean Prouvé. It was initially designed in 1936 for the daughter of a friend and collaborator, the architect Marcel Lods. It's constructed of stainless steel bands--some painted--and has rubber wheels inspired "by the landing gear of small planes of the era," according to the description at Tajan, the Paris auction house selling it on May 2004.