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an open card with hearts on it and the inside is folded in pink, red, yellow and blue
Mes idées pour la fête des mères et des pères-Rallye-liens
carte pop-up St-Valentin
a hand holding a small black and silver device
Account Suspended
iStick, transférez rapidement des photos de votre ordinateur à votre iPad
a red and white painting with the word love painted on it
LOVE canvas using child’s hand and feet
a heart made out of wine corks with a card attached to the top and bottom
DIY: Things to do with Old Wine Corks
This is sweet! One could make it 3 rows wide and put a chalkboard or dry erase board on top versus the back for dual use. Seems like it would be awkward to reach into a recessed writing surface. Maybe not if the heart was large enuf. Hmmm... Could also make a smaller cork heart and glue to upper left corner of chalk/erase board. Cute valentine idea?!?
a person holding two pencils and an eraser in their hand on a couch
Functioning crossbow made of pencils and rubber bands (x-post /r/somethingimade)
When you're bored at work... Hunger games style
an origami heart on a red background
Paper Heart Note-Fold Tutorial ♥
how to fold a note into a paper heart :} (yeah, i couldn't remember how to fold them)
an image of hands doing different things in black and white ink on paper, with one hand holding the other's head
Chemin faisant
how to make shadow puppets
a blue plate with some food on it and a plane made out of marshmallows
Ideas de comida divertida en instagram - DecoPeques
Ideas de comida divertida en instagram