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Dreamcatcher Illustration Tutorial

Recently I made an American Indian's dreamcatcher, which also called the Ojibwe dreamcatcher. According to the Ojibwe tribe's ancient legend, there was this Spider Woman, known as Asibikaashi. She (Diy Art Room)

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Instead of the common circle loop, you can do it in a crescent-shaped twig which makes it more personal and self-made. Of course the intertwining strings are there to trap the bad dreams. Then decorate it with different feathers, beads and floral pieces f

dreamcatcher tutorial - Attrape rêves

: DIY Dreamcatcher Lyons Lyons French Graves This could be a little difficult, but it may be a good craft for the kids. I loved making the few I did in art.

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This OOAK dreamcatcher features my signature weaving pattern with blue, white, and brown hemp to create the colors of the evil eye talisman.