White tigers are hunted by poachers and used for Chinese medicine. The white tiger is not a species unto itself so cannot be classed as endangered. It is a genetic flaw of the Bengal tiger, and extremely rare. This Is Not A Tiger, ; It's a Leopard !


Leopard Sunset @ by : David Lloyd --- A male leopard atop a termite mound, Linyanti, Botswana at sunset.


The cat and the fox are going to be each other's best friend for life. It's the coolest interspecies friendship ever! Humans could take a lesson from them!


Isn't nature beautiful, symmetrical and magical? I love this piece of Tourmaline; to have a piece like this in my healing practice would be *so* special.


With a fearsome grin fit for a movie monster, the viperfish is a real-life predator that lurks in one of the world’s most remote locations