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Especially to the "little man" and his little comment he sent me !!! DP

That bastard has been asleep for to long but just lack a limb that has been lacking proper blood flow THE AWAKENING IS PAINFUL. But it's a good pain because you regaining something that felt as if you lost it.

Végane pour la planète | VEGAN FRANCE

Végane pour la planète | VEGAN FRANCE

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Point !

Most people can't bear the sight of an animal suffering. So the industry has to keep it hidden in order for people to keep eating animals. Be courageous. OPEN YOUR EYES.

Human Freedom Animal Rights One Struggle One Fight

☮ ♥ (: Ⓥ -The cruelties our fellow earthlings endure at the hands of human kind.-The beauty of animals and nature. -Benefits of veganism. -The brain washing of human kind.-The entwinement of human and animal rights. Number of Animals Killed since you.

In case you didn't know, there is this thing called vegan cheese, but even if there wasn't, that would still not justify your refusal to go vegan. Trust me, you won't have a hard time living without cheese. I'll tell you who's having a hard time: the cows and calves being exploited, tortured and murdered by the dairy industry, an industry which exists because people like you are funding it. Whatever "challenges" you think you'll face as a result of going vegan are NOTHING compared with what…

When someone says they feel sorry for you because you can't eat cheese / vegan meme / vegan humor / vegan lifestyle / veganism

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