Paul Sérusier (1864-1927)  The Talisman, the Aven River at the Bois d'Amour  October 1888  Oil on wood  H. 27; W. 21 cm

Paul Sérusier, The Talisman/Le Talisman, 1888 Oil on wood (he is associated with Post-Impressionism, a pioneer of abstract art and an inspiration for the avant-garde Nabi movement, Synthetism and Cloisonnism.


"Interior" Pierre Bonnard the horizontal mirror you can see Bonnard's wife and a sleeping black dog.

Wilhelm Gallhof (1878-1918): The Coral-Chain

Wilhelm Gallhof Le collier de corail- one of the most important rules in art: A beautiful woman does NOT make a beautiful picture.

looking in - JH

Jane Hambleton, looking in, Graphite, acrylic gel medium, acrylics and…

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