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a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of paper next to some thread
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Today I wanted to show you how to make a Simple Linocut Christmas Card! They look really pretty, and are a great homemade thing to send out to friends and family! Things you will need: Glass slab/printing surface for rolling out ink Printing paper or pre-cut cards with a smooth surface Cartridge paper Pencil Small strips …
three posters hanging on the wall with mountains and bears painted on them next to each other
GREAT mountain #1 - linocut
GRANDE MONTAGNE 1 linogravure par evelynemary sur Etsy
a drawing of a girl falling from a bear's head with her arms outstretched
Cet article n'est pas disponible - Etsy
DANAÉ - linogravure
two fish are shown on the wall next to each other, one is blue and white
Etsy France - Achetez des cadeaux faits main, vintage, personnalisés et uniques pour tout le monde
Like this sardine - could do a range of cards of fishes x
a piece of art that is hanging on a wall next to a cup and saucer
evelyne mary / blog
montagnes deux couleurs imaginaire colelctifs