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an image of a resume for someone who is looking at the camera and not smiling
an image of a person in armor with the caption that says, i'll take that as a yes
the text is written in black and white
an image of some sort of art work that looks like it is floating in the air
an image of a man in white shirt and other people behind him with text that reads,
an image of two cartoon characters on twitter
Obi Wan made me do it
darth vader with the caption that reads, star wars have you heard?
an image of the star trek scene with text that reads, i'm sorry to this
Anakin, stop panicking! - Star Wars
Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Ships
an image of the avengers movie scene with captioning in english and spanish,
an image of a man in uniform with the caption that reads, let's get one thing straight you and i are nothing
He does make a compelling point
104 Star Wars Jokes That Will *Force* You To Laugh