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there is a plate with a monkey on it
Toddlers & Preschoolers
fun food ideas: juggling monkey
two giraffes made out of fruit on a green plate with the caption, littleduck quack
#Funfood Giraffes. Bananas, apricot, pears and blueberries.
four different slices of watermelon with the words enjoy, enjoy and enjoy written on them
Summer DIY: Easy Fruit Kabob Place Cards
Summer DIY Project: Edible Fruit Kabob Place Cards by BRITTNI MEHLHOFF
a white plate topped with a piece of bread shaped like a bunny face and carrot nose
#Easter #Bunny #Sandwich #kids #holiday
a white plate topped with a teddy bear on top of a banana and peanut butter
bear fishing snack plate...
a pancake shaped like a bear with strawberries on it
Adorable Fox
adorable pancake fox...
some green apples with strawberries in the shape of monster faces and eyes on them
Silly Apple Bites - Fork and Beans
make snacking fun by turning regular apples into silly apple fun!...
a white plate topped with an image of a man's face and green hair
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Making meal time healthy and fun for kids!
food hacks for picky eaters that are fun and easy to make at home
Food Hacks for Your Picky Eater
food hacks for the picky eater
a green plate with a bunny made out of carrots and bread on top of it
Easter Bunny Lunch and over 20 Creative Easter Food and Craft Ideas!
#Easter Bunny Lunch
various plates with faces painted on them and fruit in the shape of people's faces
DIY Funny Face Plate kids would love this!
a white plate topped with blueberries and fruit shaped like a bird on top of oatmeal
penguin food fun
two cookies with googly eyes and pretzels in the middle on a tray | The official home for all things Disney
WALL-E Cookies
a santa clause cookie on a plate with strawberries in the shape of a man's head
Santa Claus and Snowman Pancakes! (Vegan)
So cute! Santa Claus pancakes. #breakfast #Christmas
many different colored plates stacked on top of each other
Sandwich you won't eat
sandwich art! I need to keep this for when I'm entertaining/feeding grandchildren!