Des animaux qui franchissent les lignes par Iantha Naicker -

South Africa-based artist and illustrator Iantha Naicker has created an adorable series of animal drawings. Using color pencils and watercolors, her playful animals are seen “tangled up” in the lines of a notebook.

Animals that don't want to stay between the lines

Animals that don't want to stay between the lines

South-African illustrator Iantha Naicker presents us her cute animal illustrations. She uses the lines of her notebook to give a tridimensional aspect to her work, as if these little creatures were enmeshed inside.

ORIGINAL crayon dessin 12 x 8 sur le livre blanc de la ballerine par Ewa Gawlik. par EwaGawlik sur Etsy

The basis is contour lines with depth added through solid shading blended into it as a subtle detail.

The Unicorn Magical Drawing and Painting Horse - lines and colors :: a blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts

Drawing benches (horses) are usually simple; this one is amazingly deluxe. The manufacturer calls it “Unicorn LE” and describes it as “a magical drawing & painting horse”; “Elegant enough for the living room and sturdy enough for the studio”.

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