toilet paper roll heart stamps

toilet paper roll heart stamps - perfect for homemade valentine's day cards from your toddler! Just bend the toilet paper roll into a heart shape, tape to secure, dip in paint, and decorate!

50 summer crafts for kids...great for the girls!

There are lots of neat ideas but I am mainly pinning this so I can remember the Angry Birds cans. The kids would love this. You could also add wooden blocks and create larger structures to knock down.

Fun with Foam Printing - Easy Tutorial. Recycle these horrid polystyrene containers with this really simple process. You could even use tracing paper and trace your design so you don't even need to be able to draw. You could make a whole series of cards like this or just a colorful print to hang on your wall and cheer up the place.

printmaking with styrofoam container - what a good idea! I miss printmaking in high school art class

Isabelle Kessedjian painting on rocks

Be inspired with 20 of the Best Painted Rock Art Ideas, You Can do! A trendy and therapeutic craft that includes easy DIY tutorials.

story stones, hand-painted rocks, childrens literacy, art stones, tell me a story

These are awesome! Stones painted with images that you and your kids can use to tell stories. :: Story Stones by Crafting Connections Art

DIY Shampoo Bottle Monster Pencil Holder - fun craft to do with your kids! Turn those old shampoo bottles into something useful!


Cinq idées d’activités nature et récup pour les vacances

The Barbapapas make a great DIY toy project - little kids can look for smooth stones and help paint the background color. Mom can add the faces later. This project is easy and a great toy!

This website has so many fun BOY crafts and ideas!

Kurken bootje … ( zomer )

Good idea for a boat day activity. We drink wine, kids and Grandpa make these! :) These cork boats look super easy to make for hours of fun on a nice day

Vous peignez le tronc ou vous faites juste le tracé pour les laisser peindre, puis ils collent les boutons. Un cadeau pour les grands-parents ?

Lots of button tree ideas. (Tutorial) from Carrie Bigfeather via wiley's button trees. I can't wait to make one or two. Time to dig out my button box.

Créez facilement un jeu de l'oie personnalisé géant ! Avec de simples post-it, un marqueur, des bonhommes, un dé et vos bonnes idées vous obtenez un jeu unique que vos enfants vont adorer concevoir avec vous. Momes vous propose de devenir concepteur de jeux, avec trois fois rien.

Un jeu de l'oie géant avec des Post-It


▷1001+ idées malignes de bricolage avec carton d'oeufs


Pour décorer ton gazon ou tes allées de façon très très écolo et économique. De quoi prévoir un terrain foot dans le jardin avec de jolies bandes blanches par exemple ! - DIY : decorate your lawn ! #Decoration, #Grass, #Lawn

Diy : Decorate Your Lawn

DIY : decorate your lawn ! We can do this with glow in the dark paint that would be even more awesome