Hum ! La galette de "Tambouille" ! Simple et délicieuse. ;-)

On January (Three King's Day) to represent the three kings that came to visit the Christ child - Autour de la gastronomie: La Galette des rois : regardez, lisez , écoutez , testez .

« Toute la nuit | All night long | /tut la nɥi/ »

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English - French - Slang

English - French - Slang The cursed e muet! I hated this unit of Phonetics class.

French Words for Professions

French Vocabulary Lists for Months, Animals, and More! Cuire is to cook. A cook is a chef de cuisine.

on récolte ce qu'on sème: what goes around comes around. literally, you reap what you sow. | For more French expressions you can learn daily, get a copy of this e-book from Talk in French:

On récolte ce qu'on sème / What goes around comes around (literally, you reap what you sow) / uno recoge lo que siembra

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