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a dog laying on top of a chair with a quote above it that says, who needs a bed when you can take over all of the furniture?
Greyhound humor. Dogs can get very creative in finding resting places. Dogspring Training, Fresno & Clovis. #dogtraining #dogspring #greyhound
a black statue of a giraffe on a white background
art deco greyhound
a black and white photo of a dog looking at the camera with an intense look on its face
Dogs in studio. Paul Croes.
two bronze statues of dogs sitting next to each other on a white background, one is looking up at the sky
Olivia Clifton- Bligh. Sculpture, Printmaking
Olivia Clifton-Bligh. 'LONG DOGS' Bronze 110 x 50 x 50cm each
a black dog looking at the camera with an intense look on it's face
Mamba #galgo #sighthound #greyhound #doglover #dogphotography #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #sighthoundlove #ohmydogmag #blackgalgo…
a drawing of a dog sitting on top of a blue pillow with yellow pillows in front of it
Jim Griffith's Greyhound Drawing More
a white bird statue sitting on top of a glass table next to a black background
DUQUENNE - Charles LEMANCEAU Art Deco Greyhound Craquele / Crackle glaze c1920
a statue of two dogs fighting each other on a black background with the image in full color
Aspire Auctions
Ceramic Art Deco Grehounds signed "Lemanceau" on side of bas
a white sculpture sitting on top of a table
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craquelé céramique art déco signé Siegl crackle glaze
a white sculpture of a bird on top of a wave shaped base in front of a black background
Aspire Auctions
Art Deco Ceramic Greyhounds
a white horse figurine sitting on top of a marble base in front of a black background
07503: Removed
Andre FAU at Boulogne-sur-Seine French Art Deco Crackle Glaze Ceramic