Spreeuw / Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) by Serge (by Serge Sanramat): Animals, God, Nature, Colors, Beautiful Birds

Beautiful photo …

This Arabian Mare & her black Foal look out their Stable window.Arabians & Lippizzaners are born black & begin turning white at the age of 6 years old.

My horses feet are swift as rolling thunder.He carries me away from all my fears, and when the world threatens to fall asunder, his mane is there to wipe away my tears!

A Beautiful Liver Chestnut Horse .looks more like a Kentucky Mountain horse.but still beautiful. /An absolutely beautiful horse, I also think he is a Mountain horse, EL.


Horse / Gorgeous stallion Solaris Buenno - Dutch Warmblood by Umenno Beautiful animal

#Horse #Sea

the majestic stallion & raging sea & the storm have power beyond our control. Thanking God - who is also Power beyond us - that He loves each person so VERY much - John YOU are the World, too. Lovely GORGEOUS HORSES equine pin photo via pin from wkreece