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Fruit skewers for a party Cut top off of pineapple to stabilize the skewers while traveling to party,another cute idea for fruit tray

Pastèque en forme de barbecue ! Une idée qui va ravir vos invités ! #FoodArt #DIY

Food Art DIY – Watermelon Barbecue Grill

[ Pinterest: @ndeyepins ] Dauphins

Dolphin bananas Fruit center Love this kind of art it's OK to play with your food when eating watermelon , blueberries, honeydew melon, oranges strawberries

Ohhh cest trop mignon ça ❤ Une belle salade de fruits en coeur spéciale St-Valentin!

Food Design: 3 Easy Last Minute Valentines Day Recipes

Salade de fruits dans des pommes évidées et sculptées

DIY fruit cups diy crafts crafty food party ideas party food ideas diy food diy party decorations easy food crafts- so cool!

Hibou fruit

Owl Themed Birthday Party Fruit tray in the shape of an owl. Blackberries for the head, kiwi for eyes, halos for the beak and feet, apples for the wings and ears, and grapes for the body c'est 100 % humour !!! Le site d'humour le plus complet au monde !

With this being Teacher Appreciation week, as always I was stumped as to what to get for the teachers. I really like gift cards generally but sometimes I feel like it feels like a last-minute gift. So I wanted to show my thanks to our preschool teachers b

Frogs: fruit filled watermelon frog, chocolate covered Oreo frogs, chicken salad lily pads and pond punch.

Glamourita Watermelon Frog mouth open holding cut up fresh fruits and vegetables for party receptions, February 2015