« Il faut toujours viser la lune, car même en cas d’échec on atterrit dans les étoiles. » Oscar Wilde #Citation #QuoteOfTheDay - Minutefacile.com

"You always shoot for the moon because even if it fails you land in the stars.


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cuddle up // #xo

It’s cold outside…

I hate socks, Chris doesn't. So while we cuddle and watch TV on the couch: I put my feet in between his, making a nice "cozy foot hammock" a term I made up that Chris hated so much haha.

Affiche ma chambre

Affiche « Ici, c'est MA chambre »

à toutes & tous !

We wish you a Happy New Year May the New Year bring joy, peace and success to you and your family.


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Taking a trip to Paris the week after this incident & seeing where it all happened was so surreal. I am thankful for my freedom & for those who protect it.

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