Les très mignonnes illustrations danimaux de Sydney Hanson  Dessein de dessin

Meet Syndey Hanson - an artist who draws the most adorable illustrations ever. Featuring a bunch of different creatures from cute little donkeys and guinea pigs

Les paysages fascinants de l'artiste Stev'nn Hall, qui mélange peinture et photographie dans des créations poétiques et colorées, qui rappellent les peintu

Entre peinture et photographie – Les paysages fascinants de Stev’nn Hall

Between painting and photography – The fascinating landscapes of Stev’nn Hall (image)

Jimmy Lawlor – Artiste peintre : Juste Superbe !

Jimmy Lawlor – Artiste peintre : Juste Superbe !

Fillette et chat devant un clair de lune

Talking to the Moon Try to get to you. In hopes you're on the other side Talking to me too. Or am I a fool who sits alone Talking to the moon.

Peinture souflée

Inspiration for Silhouette Melted Crayon Art. Stunning Ink Paintings by Marc Allante. Marc is an independent, self taught artist of Chinese and French descent based in Hong Kong.