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a sculpture is shown in front of a white background
Génial Totalement gratuit Piercing busto Populaire
a metal sculpture on the side of a building
Metal Wall art sculpture abstract torso by Holly Lentz sexy nude metal torso
Nina This magnificent female torso was hand formed and welded by Holly Lentz. This original abstract is unique and would compliment any art collection. Holly creates artworks that delve beyond the medium of metal, adding elements of sculpture and painting, resulting in an art piece that
a red and white sculpture is hanging on the wall in front of a white background
two vases with blue ribbons attached to them sitting on the ground in front of a wall
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a sculpture made out of metal balls on display
Sculpture cuivre. Chromée . Frédéric Fortuné
a teddy bear made out of metal circles
Mur métal abstrait art sculpture décoration femme torse nu fer | Etsy France
Eisen Frau Torso erstellt Formen und Schweißen mit den anderen Stahlscheiben Stück Handarbeit als absolutes Stück
a metal sculpture on top of a wooden block
Welded Steel - Nicolas Desbons