Papermash Paper cup gift box DIY

Papermash Paper cup gift box DIY - great idea for using themed party cups for favours, instead of bags

Fast Food Packaging by Ian Gilley. 16 Creative Packaging Examples #packaging

Fast Food Packaging by Ian Gilley. 16 Creative Packaging Examples I've developed a strange interest in packaging designs since starting my job working with organics

Cupcake box printables, so cute

I love this idea so cute ✂ That's a Wrap ✂ diy ideas for gift packaging and wrapped presents - Cupcake box printables - gift wrap

Creative Packaging

Creative Packaging

Creative Packaging, Whitebites and the extended truck bed with matches caught my eye for its creativity and showing the product as the dogs teeth and the matches looking like lumber in the back of the bed,

J'ai testé le DIY calendrier de l'avent qui était proposé sur le blog Pour mes jolis Mômes ! Tous les ans je regarde les jolis calendriers de l'avent sur internet et au final je n'en réalise pas un seul parce que je m'y prends toujours au dernier moment, et que je n'ai pas de quoi les remplir... et parce que c'est toujours plus facile de trouver de bonnes excuses pour ne rien faire, que de prendre du temps à faire un joli DIY... ça vous parle non ? Alors hop, j'ai réalisé le calendrier de…

J'ai testé pour vous le DIY Calendrier de l'avent

This is an interesting pasta packaging design. Making the hair of the girl transparently on the package, the different type of pasta/spaghetti within the shape of the hair shows different hair style. From the feedback, the second one is never the customers' favorite due to the uncomfortable 'hair'.

These playful pasta packages make noodles look like all types of hair. Moscow-based designer Nikita Konkin has made it hard to see any other box of pasta on the shelves with this clever design concept.