This makes me want to carry chalk around with me

Think I'm going to start carrying sidewalk chalk in my car.HUGE pet peeve when people dont know how to park straight!

Face dogging. What is this?!

Face dogging.

Heard of "Cat Bearding?" Well, now's there is "Dog Bearding" this is awesome lol can I call on everyone I know who has a pet to PLEASE do this!

1970's feminist slogan

feminist slogan " a women without a man is like a fish without a bicycle" True words

En cas d'absence, je ne suis pas là.

Si vous n’êtes pas là non plus, il n’y a personne. ☺️ In case of absence, I am not there.



One, Two, Three, BREATHE. He's dead Jim. Two mice (the animal). One trying to give CPR to a computer mouse.

// Vintage 1940s Bra by Schiaparelli

Vintage Bra by Schiaparelli. A freat way to remind women to do self breast checks often. Know your breasts!


Good idea : anger voucher, in case of crisis, crumple violently & throw away Bon de colère