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the word mom's plus and dad with a baby in it
Tampon naissance : 9 mois plus tard
Tampon naissance : 9 mois plus tard
a tag with two butterflies on it
En cours de construction
Tampon : Tag : 3 Papillons
several different types of ties laid out on top of each other in various patterns and sizes
How- To: Making Your Own Stamps!
many DIY stamp ideas & instructions -- from Judi Hurwitt at Approachable Art, here: http://approachable-art.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/how-to-making-your-own-stamps.html
cardboard hearts cut out and placed on top of each other
DIY Cardboard Stamp
Simple Cardboard Stamp ~ Housing A Forest
an assortment of different types of objects on display
Timbre / stamp
the process for making paper flowers is shown
stempels maken met de stickers
a roll of tape sitting on top of a piece of paper next to a ruler
Painter's Tape Background Technique
Painter's Tape Background Technique - must try this
the paper is cut out and ready to be used
Taylored Expressions August 2013 Studio Challenge - Sky!
steps to making a soft blue sky background - tutorial - bjl
the process to make a heart - shaped paper bag
Beautiful Heart Craft | Best DIY Ideas
Thinking this is great idea for girls shirts!!! V-day craft!! Beautiful Heart Craft | DIY & Crafts Tutorials
a red handled roller with lace on it
Vingt troisième fenêtre { Papier et cadeau } - { 25 } le calendrier de l'avent qui rend créatif !
Do your own lace stamping roller with a piece of vintage lace
some crafting supplies are sitting on a table
DIY Stamps
Here are some really clever ideas for making unique DIY stamps.