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Love Figs & Dates, and love that three ring binders are useful even in exotic Fez, Morocco!

Casablanca Lighthouse, Morocco - This weeks Travel Pinspiration

Travel Pinspiration - 9 Beautiful Lighthouses

MOROCCO - Casablanca Lighthouse, Morocco's tallest traditional lighthouse and the landfall light for Casablanca, located on a headland at the western edge of the city. Built in 1919 and one of 6 lighthouse on the Rabat/Casablanca Atlantic coast.

Harcha Galette de semoule marocaine / حَرْشَة

Harcha Galette de semoule marocaine / حَرْشَة

I'm having a blast discovering Moroccan cuisine lately! Can't wait to add this to my breakfast routine! Harcha, a pan-fried flatbread made from semolina, butter and milk

Notions & Notations of a Novice Cook • Making Moroccan Chicken with Eggplant Ragout

Making Moroccan Chicken with Eggplant Ragout

Making Moroccan Chicken with Eggplant Ragout I’ve lost love which was fine, but realizing that it won’t ever come back in the form of friendship makes me sad. I’ve lost a feline companion to old age.

An Air of Morocco with a Chicken Pastilla — Vent du Maroc avec une pastilla de poulet | La Tartine Gourmande

Bastilla - Moroccan sweet and savory meat pie. Cooked with your choice of meats (chicken, lamb or squab) almonds, and incredible Moroccan spices.

King Hassan II Mosque, Morocco

Hassan II Mosque - The architectural legacy of Casablanca is one of its touristy treasures.

Marrakech Morocco | Taj Palace, Marrakech, Morocco : Condé Nast Traveler,,,, Lofty mountains arise behind to deepen this sense of Majesty,terrific indeed

A new gem in the treasure of Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces is added - Taj Palace, Marrakech! It is a timeless travel to a desert oasis, bordering the foothills of awe-inspiring Atlas Mountain

Morocco: Casablanca. Hassan II Mosque. Nickname: Casablanca Hajj. It is the largest mosque in the country. Its minaret is the world's tallest at 210 metres. Completed in 1993, designed by Michel Pinseau and built by Bouygues. The minaret is 60 stories high topped by a laser, the light from which is directed towards Mecca. The walls are of hand-crafted marble and the roof is retractable. A maximum of 25,000 worshippers can gather together for prayer inside the mosque.

to beautiful meditations. King Hassan II Mosque in El Kelaa des Sraghna, Morocco photographed by John Archer_thomson.

Kofta Tajine (spiced Meatballs with Ra's el-hanout)

Kofta Tajine (spiced Meatballs with Ra's el-hanout) (in Dutch) 500 gr lamsgehakt 2 uien, fijngesneden 2 teentjes knoflook 4 vleestomaten

Casablanca, Morocco #morocco

Casablanca, Morocco--beautiful Mosque, i was once abandoned there (accidentally) had to rely on about a year's worth of French to get me home again.