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two paintings hang on the wall next to an antique radiator and side table
The interiors of Charleston: the house the Bloomsbury Group turned in to a living work of art
Charleston House Interior (
a black and white room with a large round mirror on the wall next to it
Familles et intérieurs inspirants
Entrée Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers Paris
a marble trash can sitting in front of a wall with white and gold trimmings
Mim Designs Creates Dream Office for Landream — KNSTRCT
Mim Designs Creates Dream Office for Landream with gold and white marble
a white wall with a gold shelf and black tie hanging on it's side
Studio Berg : Foldwork
Foldwork est un croisement entre un morceau de mur, inspiré par des constructions à colombages, et un porte-vêtements. Accroché au mur, il peut être déplié et ainsi fournir un maximum d'espace disponible. ...
an old desk with several drawers on it
Bureaux années 30 (partie 1) : modernisme et traditionalisme
bureaux des années 30, bureaux art déco, Paul T. Frankl, ca 1927
an art deco night stand with two drawers
1939 Art Deco Side Table, Ebony & Walnut, France
a light fixture hanging from the ceiling in a room with glass panels on it's sides
Villa Empain — MA² - Metzger et Associés Architecture
Architecture - Art Déco - Villa Empain (1931/34), Bruxelles Belgique
an elegant bathroom with black and white marble
Joseph Dirand, architecte d'intérieur : élu créateur de l'année
Joseph Dirand, architecte d'intérieur : élu créateur de l'année - Côté
a black and white floor with an arched window in the center is decorated with geometric designs
Pierre Yovanovitch
hôtel particulier du miramion, tour eiffel
a bathroom with green tiles and white fixtures, including a bathtub in the corner
Vintage Bathrooms
1930s vintage bathroom: black outlined tile work in spring green that extends up the wall and outlines built-in niches
a man and woman sitting on top of an escalator
Pariser Frenchie goes London
Das beliebte Bistro Frenchie aus der Rue du Nil in Paris wagt mit Inhaber und Head Chef Gregory Marchand einen Abstecher nach London.
the front door of a building with two black doors and a white tile floor that says, frenchie
via Lindsey Tramuta (@lostncheeseland)