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How To Shorten Zippers and Make Zipper Tabs

Handbags & Wallets - Learn how to shorten a zipper and then sew fabric tabs to each end of the zipper to give it some more color and style. And you wont believe how easy it is! - How should we combine handbags and wallets?

astuces de soutien-gorge

15 Bra Hacks, Tips, and Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Frustrated with the way your bra fits or looks? Here are 15 bra hacks, tips, and tricks in infographics and DIY tips that will change your life.

Et si j'organisais mon coffre??

Organizing Made Fun: April Month End Wrap UP WonderFull Bag for organizing the 'trunk' of your van (hangs over the back row head rests)

suspendre ma planche a decoupe et papiers a dessins

Use pant hangers to store cutting mats. It prevents them from getting out of shape.

Ranger les tissus

Ikea hanging shoe storage for organizing fabric memos. -bryn alexandra: Office Organization Project (dirty shoes and fabric?

Hanging Storage

Craft room storage gadgets, such as this hook-filled rod, often work well in the sewing room, too. Make your own with S hooks and a curtain rod to keep cutting tools in line.