Flight at sunset

These geese flying in front of the sunset is a technique using both reflective photography and motion capture imagery. I like how the silhouettes are highlighted by the rays of the setting sun.


A sea hawk (osprey). Imagine this creature, with those piercing eyes, whenever you read Captain Graedin's call sign, "Sea Hawk!

Those Crisp Autumn Mornings, When The Sun First Greets The Earth

morningmist by Peter Engman, via Sunlight and Morning Mist- a powerful…


Baja California, Mexico ~ William Winrame captured the incredible moment a school of fish swarmed around him and other divers, and formed a vortex above

Kurt Perschke - RedBall Project - traveling public art installation has traversed the globe, appearing in many cities.

Kurt Perschke’s The Red Ball Project is reshaping cities. Made of flexible vinyl, his big red ball transforms spaces into pieces of art.


Donner à la ville un visage humain – Le Street Art par Mentalgassi

Berlin street art - the group Mentalgassi uses prints and wheatpaste to transform urban objects into art. So awesome and creative !

Tortue GÉANTE.

Funny pictures about Giant Leatherback sea turtle. Oh, and cool pics about Giant Leatherback sea turtle. Also, Giant Leatherback sea turtle.

Précieuse Dame Nature • vurtual:   Fear Not - Oregon (by Larry...

Cliffs and slamming waves. Shore Acres State Park , Oregon, 2014 ~ Amazing shot, I would not want to be the guy on the rock