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Computer History Museum | Timeline of Computer History

Computer History Museum - Timeline of Computer History (see what happened in computer history the year you were born, graduated, got married, etc. and how it affected your life!

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Morse Code tree- Very easy way to learn the code.

Cracking the NAZI Enigma Code Machine - YouTube

National Geographic Cracking the NAZI Enigma Code Machine

The Enigma Machine Explained - YouTube

As technology increases, so do the methods of encryption and decryption we have at our disposal. World War II saw wide use of various codes from substitution.

Morse code

A minimal communication device with an led matrix controlled by arduino and a morse decoder


Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire was Britain's main decryption establishment during World War Two. Ciphers and codes of several Axis countries were decrypted.

Fun Terminal Command Prompt Codes for Mac

4 Fun And Simple Things You Can Do Using Terminal [Mac]

Terminal is one of the utilities that is commonly found on UNIX-based computer such as Linux and Mac OS.

ARC :: Software Design and Development

Search of browse sample answers for Software Design and Development

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