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Potion. by Endling on deviantART , adorbs:

Instant Happiness Potion<<< is it just me or does this remind anyone else of Agatha and Sophie?(If Sophie were nicer, that is.

Jirou Kyouka & Kaminari Denki & Aizawa Shota

Jirou Kyouka & Kaminari Denki & Aizawa Shota

DeviantArt cred to she-sells-seashells And my heart oh my GOSH

Spidey's Crush - DeviantArt cred to she-sells-seashells Sooo adorable ❤️

Hour-Shower Fox by Jaskenator7000

A "test" Zootopia fan comic I finished a week ago to judge the scope for a Halloween based comic I was to do.

This time it's from page where Nick and Judy are getting pretty hot and heavy. The original can be found here: spintherella.