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Hahahahahahaha I love this picture, <-- Took me a moment but then I'm like, "Is that Cas's jacket?"<< Took me forever to realize what the picture meant.<<<< I thought it was just a bath robe

Sassy Cas is the best Cas

Sassy Cas is the best Cas<<He really does do whatever he wants, though. I mean, just look at his track-record. He might be even more rebellious than Lucifer or Gabriel. (minus the violent tendencies and twisted sense of humor)

I don't regret to have met you Sherlock ! I never will !

I don't watch supernatural (please don't strangle me, I promise I am a good person, hopefully.) but this is hilarious :) <<honestly I'm pretty the fact that you DON'T watch supernatural probably means you are a good person

Believe me when I say I tried very hard not to repin this.

Johnlock: I think my favorite fanfics about them are the ones where John still denies being gay when they're together; "I'm just Sherlock-sexual!

Only true Sherlockians will get it.... And Johnlock fans will appreciate it (Oh god, yes. Someone make this into a fanfic.)

Only true Sherlockians will get it. and Johnlock fans will appreciate it. This has got to be the ultimate Johnlock fanfic.