des lanternes faites à partir de boîtes de conserves vides. c'est joli et ça ne crains pas le froid ni la pluie pour mettre dans un jardin.

24 Stunning DIY Garden Lighting Ideas

Tiin Can Lanterns - DIY Garden Lighting Ideas - fill with tea lights or flowers, depending on your event! tin can lanturns

A French Wedding in the Countryside

Midsummer Nights Dream Backyard Party----- Anne + Romain – A French Wedding in the Countryside

Venue Dressing and Event Planning... Ensuring that your wedding, event or celebration is exactly....As you Wish

Nikki - here's another example of bunting. You can use any shapes, sizes, colors, fabric you want. Honestly, after Evan sent me the website he got the wedding color inspiration from my immediate thought went to bunting for some reason.

disney themed sweet 16 invitations - Google Search

DIY: Un centre de table féérique de conte de fée -

beauty and the beast center piece. Beauty and the Beast just so happens to be our favorite Disney movie.So perfect :)

Teelichter rosa Blüten weißer Tischläufer Kristall Vase

Flower Centerpiece Ideas for Outdoor Wedding: Purple Cymbidiums, Blush Pink Roses, Purple Hydrangea, Candle Centerpieces

bricolaje pieza central caja de madera

Italian Infused Rustic Chic Wedding

Another great example of Baby's Breath in a chic wedding. Simple wooden boxes with bouquets of Baby's Breath make for elegant and eye-catching arrangements - not to mention affordable and easy to assemble! I definitely want baby's breath in my wedding

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