More ideas from Wilson

Here's an animation that I made for an application waiting thread. The user can tear the ticket to participate in the wire

Home automation app on Behance

Explore screen for the recent photo sharing app that is coming to a close. Tried to give the user options on how to be.

Serenity: A Home OS with a Heart - Artefact

Undoubtedly technology has made our lives easier and our homes more convenient. We have a

Connected Home App - Atmosphere

I'm making an app for connected devices, this is a view for temperature and lighting control.

Smart Home Monitoring Dashboard

A clean take on a futuristic smart home dashboard.

3 | This Nightlight Costs $100, And It's Worth Every Penny | Co.Design | business + design

The Leeo Smart Alert is a beautifully designed nightlight that can also protect your home when you’re away.