God, I love a good angle. Anyone can take a picture. I feel like this is the only thing left separates photography as an art.

Aurora Over The Trees Of Churchill ~ Manitoba, Canada

Aurora and Stars over the trees of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada --- by David Marx on

Henry Cartier Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson -- Photo by David Douglas Duncan, Paris, 2000

Copacabana nos anos 70.

Oh, Rio // Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, vintage photography

Self Portrait, photo by John Coplans, 1984

melisaki: Self Portrait (Back with Arms Above) photo by John Coplans, 1984

Who thought of this?


Funny pictures about X-Ray Photography. Oh, and cool pics about X-Ray Photography. Also, X-Ray Photography photos.


Okay, so it's not your normal cute animal zoo ad. But squeezing a bus with a giant boa constrictor definitely grabs people's attention! - snake bus ad for the Copenhagen Zoo.


Creative advertising zoos - The kangaroos have arrived.

Forget Photoshop. Here's Tape-stry.

20 Twisted and deformed portraits with Scotch

Wes Naman is currently based in New Mexico and he has created this hilarious scotch tape series. Naman has stuck layers of tape all around peoples faces giving them rather odd and funny features.

zoo ad.

Top of the food chain ad, by the Calgary zoo.


Image for Funny Zebra Face HD Wallpapers

Kalle Gustafsson

The Horse Races by Kalle Gustafsson

I bow to no beast  ~Keisha Keenleyside

Black and White - Horse - Fashion - Photography


High-Speed Photographs of Ink Dropped into Water, Alberto Seveso


'The Black Trap in Munich II'. Giclée Art Print by Alberto Seveso